Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Interactions between Hinduism and Modernity

Interactions between Hinduism and Modernity The world is divided into various religions which play a very significant role in determining the culture of people. In addition, religion is also very crucial in the politics of every country. At least every person in the world belongs to one type of religion or the other.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Interactions between Hinduism and Modernity specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In this regard, the development of the world has been highly influenced by religions, which in some instances form the pillars of the government. It is important to note that the modern world and religions are highly integrated, to the extent that it is sometimes hard to separate the two. Hinduism which is one of the religions in the world has a lot of interactions with the modern world despite being an ancient religion. Hinduism as a type of religion was originally highly discriminatory and promoted the caste system, which stratified the s ociety according to wealth (Verma, 2009). However, Hinduism is not such an organized religion where people will need permission from authority to be part of it. On the contrary, it is rather a belief that is free for all and is not regulated as much. As a result, Hinduism is not so much into government issues as are other religions. Mahatma Gandhi and other modern leaders of Hinduism were against the caste system, which was seen as timid and backward culture. It is because of this stand that Gandhi was assassinated. It should however be noted that the caste system still persists in India, despite the modern civic education that people have received. Modernity and Hinduism contradict in the allocation of roles where in Hinduism; roles are assigned in relation to gender while following traditional theories (Verma, 2009). On the other hand, modern society requires roles to be allocated equally without stereotyping. The modern society is so material that many people are nowadays too bus y at improving their living standards, than they are about advancing their spiritual life. On the other hand, Hinduism advocates for noble pursuits where self advancement is included. Therefore, Hindus are allowed by their religion to seek self as well as family advancement. On the same note, the modern world advocates for non-violent actions incase people are not satisfied about anything. Hinduism also propagates non-violent behavior among its followers (Verma, 2009). These are the teachings that Martin Luther king Jr. used in his fight against segregation in the United States of America.Advertising Looking for essay on religion theology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More On the other hand, legislation in India has not taken into consideration all the aspects of Hinduism thus bringing about some contradictions. While traditional Hinduism theories are vital in constructing modern social reforms, only the spiritual par t has been incorporated. On the same note, the Hindu society differs with the modern secular world in a number of ways, especially in technologically (Verma, 2009). The modern technology requires autonomy of society while it refutes the doctrine of Karma. On the contrary, Hinduism is seen by some people as being a hindrance to modernity, due to its principles of Karma and lack of societal independence. Due to the fact that Hinduism is not that structured, its role in modern day politics is highly minimal. Nevertheless, the issues raised by the Hindu society are significant in the structuring of Indian politics. However, India has remained majorly a secular government in which religion plays a relatively insignificant role. It should however be noted that there is no religion that can be said to be more influential than the other in the modern society, since everyone has their own interpretation. References Verma, R. (2009). Faith Philosophy of Hinduism. New Delhi: Gyan Publishing H ouse.

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